Kyoto University to host ICTS14

22 JANUARY 2020

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies (ICTS), we are pleased to announce that Kyoto University will host the next International Conference on Thai Studies during December 10 - 12, 2021 in Kyoto, Japan.    The...

ICTS Closing Reflections & Looking Forward to ICTS14

18 JULY 2017

Join us at 16:45 in the Plenary room today as we finish #ICTS13 with closing reflections from Craig Reynolds and Yukti Mukdawijitra, and look forward to #ICTS14 with commentary from Philip Hirsch, Chayan Vaddhanaputi, and Chiang Mai University Vice President, Rome Jiranukrom. 

Download the ICTS13 Abstract Book now!

16 JULY 2017

Download the full abstract book for ICTS13 now from this link!

Travel Funding for Young Scholars

21 APRIL 2017

Funds for travel costs and/or accomodation for participants of ICTS13 are available, with priority given to young scholar participants (paper presenters) and scholars travelling from ASEAN countries. Applications for funding are due by 30 April 2017. For...

Early Bird Registration extended to 25 April

10 APRIL 2017

The period for early-bird registration for the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies has been extended to 25 April! Please register & pay (at the early registration rate) online through the link below:  

Announcement of Acceptance of Paper & Panel Proposal Submissions to ICTS13


We regret to delay (due to overwhelming volume!) the full announcement of acceptance of paper and panel proposals to ICTS13 until 15 February. Many may have already received communication from ICTS13 informing you of acceptance, but due to the high number of submissions,...

Final Call: Individual Abstract Submissions due Wed 30 Nov

30 NOVEMBER 2016

Only 3 days left to make individual abstract submissions for the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies If you haven't yet submitted, please register and submit through our online system by Wednesday, 30 November through the link below!

Keynote Speakers for ICTS13

25 NOVEMBER 2016

Although they most likely need no introduction for those involved in Thai studies, we here present four short profiles on the keynote speakers of the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Katherine...

Call for Panel Papers: Conflict Transformation across Socio-political Divides

30 NOVEMBER 2016

Thailand has been trapped in deeply protracted social conflicts and social divides for more than a decade, both political conflict at the national level and conflict in deep Southern Thailand. Nationwide political conflict and violence due to series of political protests have not only resulted in different episodes of loss of lives, injuries, damages and prosecutions,...

Call for Panel Papers: Connecting People, Places and Culture: The Deep Meaning of Our Heritage

30 NOVEMBER 2016

Today, preferred methods of approaching the conservation of cities’ heritage are primarily concerned with the conservation of physical architecture and urban landscape. Conservation efforts focus on style and condition. This is because building works are a clearly perceived concrete testimony. Proof of age and authenticity...

Full List of Panel Proposals and Roundtable Submissions


This is the full list of panel proposals and roundtables so far submitted for inclusion in ICTS13. Please note that not all of the listed proposals are slated for inclusion into the conference—although a large majority of them will most likely be.  Continuing...

Deadline for Individual Abstract Submissions: 30 Nov 2016

30 NOVEMBER 2016

A friendly reminder from the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies: the deadline for submissions of individual abstracts is approaching soon—30 Nov 2016. The submission of individual abstracts can be made online on the conference website here. (Submissions...

Call for Panel Papers: Thai Textiles in the 21st Century

30 NOVEMBER 2016

Thai textiles are recognized worldwide for their beauty and the skill of generations of spinners weavers and dyers who created them. Exhibitions in Thailand have helped promote political and historical significance and ethnic and cultural importance....

Call for Panel Papers: The Thai Khadi Research Institute

30 NOVEMBER 2016

ICTS13 will be another challenging opportunity for both young and senior scholars to meet and discuss several issues drawing on sound reasoning and well-documented evidence. As a co-organizer of ICTS13, the Thai Khadi Research Institute of Thammasat University will organize its own panels and invites interested scholars to present their research papers on the following themes: Tourism...

Call for Panel Papers: Connecting China to Thailand

15 NOVEMBER 2016

Panel Conveners: Prof. Li Ping, Sichuan Provincial Research Institute of Thai Studies Dr. Fu Jing, Sichuan Provincial Research Institute of Thai Studies This panel aims to raise the awareness and share the knowledge of the connectivity between Thailand and China from ethnology, sociology, culture and linguistics...

Call for Panel Papers: John Girling’s Œuvres: Reconsidering Democracy and Development in Thailand

25 NOVEMBER 2016

This panel is dedicated to the late Dr John Lawrence Scott Girling who passed away in late September 2015 and left a considerably large body of work on the political and social change of both developed and developing countries in terms of theoretical...

Call for Panel Papers: Thai Studies & Climate Change—local multiplicity & global connectivity

15 NOVEMBER 2016

Climate change has become a fast growing topic of research in Thailand. The past few years have seen the rise of national-level publications such as Thailand’s First Assessment Report on Climate Change, as well as the national climate policy Thailand Climate Change Master Plan. What is lagging behind in climate change studies in Thailand is study of the human dimension of...

Call for Panel Papers: New Water Law and Water Governance Reform in Thailand

15 NOVEMBER 2016

Reform of the institutional framework for water governance in Thailand is long overdue. The current system has proved to be ineffective in steering the country’s economy and social fabric through droughts, flood and water pollution, and the matter is unlikely to get better on its own under the changing climate. A new balance between the needs for vertical and horizontal coordination...

Call for Panel Papers: Manuscript Cultures and Epigraphy in the Tai World

15 NOVEMBER 2016

Conference theme(s) to be discussed by the panel: Manuscript cultures; Epigraphy; preservation, documentation, and digitization of manuscripts and epigraphical material; Thai and Lao philology; transmission of texts; history of literature During...

Call for Panel Papers: "Grant Evans and Tai Studies: Political Engagement and Intellectual Legacy"

30 NOVEMBER 2016

This panel is devoted to the Australian anthropologist Grant Evans, who passed away in September 2014 and left a rich collection of books, articles and reviews. He devoted a large part of his work to Laos, making him one of the most influential...

Call for Panel Papers: “Thai Migrants in a Transnational World”

15 NOVEMBER 2016

This panel focuses on Thai people’s migrations into other countries and investigates their patterns of transnational mobility between their national homeland and destinations. They might also migrate from one country to other countries to suit their requirements and...

Call for Panel Papers: “The Pre-Modern State and Its Archival Remains ‒ The Contributions of Diplomatics to Thai Studies”

31 OCTOBER 2016

We cordially invite participants from Thailand and abroad to join our panel on Thai & Southeast Asian diplomatics and to propose individual papers on the topic "The Pre-Modern State and Its Archival Remains ‒ The Contributions of Diplomatics...

Submission Guidelines for ICTS13

7 JULY 2016

Some important deadlines, guidelines, and links for those considering submitting panel proposals and abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the agenda of ICTS13 in July 2017. Important deadlines Panel proposals 31 August 2016 Abstracts 30...

Call For Papers!

21 APRIL 2016

The 13th International Conference on Thai Studies aims to bring up to 600 Thai, regional, and international scholars together to present their research work and works‐in-progress. Two types of submissions are now being accepted for the 13th International...