30 NOVEMBER 2016

A friendly reminder from the 13th International Conference on Thai Studies: the deadline for submissions of individual abstracts is approaching soon—30 Nov 2016. The submission of individual abstracts can be made online on the conference website here. (Submissions can be made after registering online). Individual abstracts should not exceed 250 words.

The deadline for individual abstract submission is 30th November 2016. Notification of acceptance of proposals will be made by 31st January 2017.

Thematic focuses of the conference include:

• Thailand and Its Connectivity in ASEAN

• Thai Economy and the Global Market

• Religion and Modernity in Thai Society

• Crisis of Democracy and Politics of Governance

• Border Studies, Border Trade, SEZs, and Border Conflicts

• Gender, Sexuality, and Social Equity

• Urbanization, Spatial Politics, and Public Space

• Lanna Studies

• History and Public Memory

• Literature, Media, and Popular Culture

• Crafts, Artisans and Cultural Heritage

• Migrants, Stateless People and Refugees

• Health and Health Care Systems

Participants may of course submit papers with titles that may not exactly match these suggested themes, yet represent current or critical issues for Thailand.

The format of the conference will include

1) plenary sessions by keynote speakers  

2) parallel sessions consisting of panels and groups of individual papers on various topics

3) roundtable discussion sessions

Again, registration for participants (submission is not required to participate) is available online here

Publication of papers

All papers presented will be included in the E‐proceedings and will be available on the conference website. A selected number of papers will be chosen for publication in international‐level academic journals which are in partnership with the conference.

Important dates

30 November 2016 Deadline for abstract submission

31 January 2017 Notification of acceptance

30 April 2017 Deadline for paper submission



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